Day 6: Goodbye internet; Hello wikipedia dvd

One hour ago, we finished up all the apartment rental paperwork with the owner. Telephone and internet access will be turned off within 24 hours. Then we will start moving all the books, furniture and electronics to a friend’s apartment, visit parents and apply visa.  

Time to say goodbye to the ‘ubiquitous’ ‘always-on’ internet.  Unplugging has already become a great relief to us software geeks. 

But there is one thing I hope I could always take with us: the wikipedia.  I’m getting most of my knowledges from this website now.  Google for ‘offline wikipedia’ shows that there is a 7.8GB database dump from the live site. There are also all kinds of open source toolkits for this. One I especially love is the python parser called WikiXRay. At last, I ran into this hassle free, no software knowledge required! 2008/9 Wikipedia Selection DVD. Even better, there is a torrent file available with a 72.8KB/s download speed.

I’ll keep posting once I finish the download.

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