Day 27: Still working on Nz travel plan. Plus some nice quotes

Finally finished Kati’s journal. To my surprise, she even wrote me a comment thank me for linking to her log. Wow, how wonderful the internet is. Now, I’m starting to wonder whether should I continue reading other posts on cycling in Nz or take a little bit detour to read Kati’s USA Pacific Coast entry on her first long distance cycling trip from New Westminster to Mexico. Really love her way of capturing the inner feeling of a cycler. Hopefully that’ll give us some idea on what are the typical challenges for the first long distance cycling trip, especially when our own last one whole year long.

I found the following quotes especially interesting:

  • To live the day to day life with grace and meaning, and be happy with it.

  • You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes you just might find what you need.

  • Cycling in New Zealand was just a diversion, a treat, and a discovery of who I am at the core. Well, sort of…

Two others thing we manage to get done are 1) come up with a “wish list” so that one of our friends who has some connection with the manufactures could check out potential sponsorship opportunities for us. 2) meet with another freelancing job opportunities. It won’t provide a big check but still some nice cash to put into our wallet.

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