Day 26: Start working on the Nz travel plan

Millford Sound

One good news is Oz’s visa office called this morning: “Your material is ready and will be sent to you this afternoon”.  I was so happy at that time that I forgot to confirm “ready” means we have successfully got the visa or not.   Besides this, today is yet another day where everything is moving forward but I just couldn’t get a sense of accomplishment.

Spent most of today working on the Nz travel plan. First read through the Lonely Planet book. Given a 500 page book like that, the most valuable parts are less than 50, with the rest are mainly local business directory.  How I hope the paper book is searchable.   Kati Debelic‘s Cycling New Zealand 2001 is much helpful, especially for all the details like travel clockwise could take advantage of the southern wind from Antarctic; or the Millford Sound has a very high chance to have rain.  Get to Day 32, should finish it and probably a couple of others before I could grasp enough knowledge to work out my own.

Millford Sound and Lake Tekapo both sounds great. But the hilly road on the west side of the south island is a little bit scaring.  We’ll see.

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  1. Hey there, just wanted to thank you for mentioning me on your log. I am glad my trip can help out!!! Don’t be too scared of the hills and go visit out west. Have fun!!! Kati

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