Day 24: Try the bicycle out and plan the trip from Sydney via Melbourne to Adelaide

Since experiencing more diversified cultures is more important than covering more roads, Z and I decided to cycle from Syndey via Melbourne to Adelaide with the returning trip on train.  It could get us more time for rest and walk around.  The train ticket is AU$ 110 for 24-hours ride,  which is a bit high but acceptable. :-\

Spent the morning planning Sydney to Melbourne route.    Based on the route described in this journal: Sydney to Melbourne – Audax Australia RAID route, I had a pleasant and productive morning working out a 15-days plan for this part. Plus, the journal was very well written and fun to read.  The evening research on  Melbourne to Adelaide didn’t go well though. I first followed Victoria’s Golden West quite loyally until Chris the author took a bus to go from Hamilton to Adelaide.  There are a couple of others on crazyguyonabike website that I could continue my research tomorrow.

In the afternoon, Z and I went to check out our newly built bicycle.  Due to the annual Spring Festival railway crisis, the parts haven’t arrived yet.  So only mine was put together. I’m writing another blog entry in Chinese describing the bike in greater detail.  Don’t worry if you can’t read Chinese, just check out the pictures should be sufficient.

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