Day 7 – 12: Move the ‘Stuff’

Spent past 6 days moving from previous apartment to a friend’s. Six whole damn days!  Just to pack things up, move it to a new apartment and unpack them!  I was literally shocked to see how many ‘stuff’ we’ve collected all these years. Stuffs that we used only once.  Or stuffs we never touched in past four years.  We ended up throwing away tons of stuff we bought using real money.  What if we donate the money to poor kids?  Or, just use the money to travel around? Even some nice tea?

Paul Graham‘s essay stuff struck the cord: 

I first realized the worthlessness of stuff when I lived in Italy for a year. All I took with me was one large backpack of stuff. The rest of my stuff I left in my landlady’s attic back in the US. And you know what? All I missed were some of the books. By the end of the year I couldn’t even remember what else I had stored in that attic.

And yet when I got back I didn’t discard so much as a box of it. Throw away a perfectly good rotary telephone? I might need that one day.

The really painful thing to recall is not just that I accumulated all this useless stuff, but that I often spent money I desperately needed on stuff that I didn’t.

Now that I’m faced with the similar “one large backpack” challenge, it’ll be interesting to see what I’ll do after coming back from the world tour.  

Next step: get Australia and New Zealand’s visa.