What to expect when expecting.

As the starting date getting closer, Z and I start to think it might be a good idea to come up with a list of “things to see” for each nation we’re visiting. So here is an email I sent to Rob Duncan in Oz for cycling ideas. Thought posting it here should get us more inputs and ideas.  

Rob. you did make the decision harder. 😉 But I should say a big THANK YOU ’cause it forces us to really sit down and ask ourselves what do we really want to see, experience and maybe explore. How shall we prioritize them? Without a clear idea on this, it’ll a waste of time for both us and you. So here you goes. I’m quite interested in ‘serious’ stuffs like politics, art while my wife more casual on wild flower, hiking and cycling.

Ordered by importances.
– Nature: hiking, cycling, local animals, bird watching, wild flower walk.
– Life: life style, family, parent-child-relationship, work life balance
– Education: School system, public libraries, bookstore
– Culture: literature, photography, film, theatre, music, sculptures,
– Hobbies: astronomy, linux, python, lisp, artificial intelligence and particularly, machine translation.
– Cost of living: , house/apartment cost, cars, banks, phone, mobile, internet
– Politics: history, politics, government, judiciary, social security system

China, and other Asia countries have a quite different yet closed culture and value system. That’s the main reason we want to spend one year tour around the world. I know it must sound crazy trying to cover so many areas in only one month for each country. I’m definitely not doing some scientific research, just thought this will give me a checklist for understanding a nation from different perspectives. It may end up as casual as this one: http://www.portaloceania.com/au-life-index-ing.htm

As you can see, scenery is still quite important for us. Hopefully I’m not confusing you with my last email. Sometimes we just need to sit down and figure out what do we want in the first place. So for this new info, what will you suggest? 😉

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