Day 28: Nz Itinerary ready for review

Fox Glacier by Brendan O'Brien
Fox Glacier. Love that blue.

OK, finally done with the Nz itinerary plan. I’ll skip the North Island for this time, focusing on South Island only. Reason? Chris Dietl wrote in his Thoughts of New Zealand Feb 2008:

If biking again in New Zealand, I would limit myself to the South Island. On the North Island there was too much traffic for me. To bike State Highways was sometimes dangerous, and I’m thankful that nothing happened. Try to avoid main roads! I took the bus for some distances, and I don’t regret that.

I took most of the itinerary from Brendan O’Brien‘s 4 weeks around the South Island by bicycle. So far, he provides the best photos for the tour, clear, crisp and have some artistic touch in it. He also brought up my attention to 1) noisy campsite neighbors; 2) sandflies nightmare; 3) lots, lots of rain and maybe hail.

Besides these, two other resources I found useful:

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