Day 21: Psychological Fatigue …

Human being is such an interesting creature. I could still remember the excitement on Day 1 when we realized the possibility of this one year trip. But as time slides by, the excitement ebbs while tremendous teeny-tiny things seems to over-whelm us. Endless visa application for just one country. Cycling route planning for every single day.

After continuous 20 days work, I’m feeling tired. Need some good rest to move on. (Photo: bookstore in Amsterdam. Credits: llibreria)

llibreria - bookstore - Amsterdam - HDR by MorBCN.

I’m a big fan of Standford Entrepreneur through Leadership podcast, today Stan Christensen’s The Art of Negotiation really gave me a happy surprise. He talked about his experience as a traveler in Los Angels or sitting in the back of NYC cab to show how the core idea of negotiation goes into our everyday life. Even more important, he explains that the essence of Negotiation is not grab a larger share of a pie, but to build long-term relationship. He also brought up two principles: objective reference and alternatives. This might be a bit off topic for this travel blog, but I am pretty sure that we’ll have some serious chance to practice what we’ve learned here.

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